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Pornfunk Biography

4 Piece Original Rock from Randolph, VT

Hailing from Orange County, Vermont, original rock band PornFunk was formed as a 3 piece in 2002, by Jon Wish and brothers Scott McGrath (November Guest, Shakedown, Longford Row) and Bill McGrath (November Guest). The original concept of the band was to pay tribute to the instrumental music popularly used in porn soundtrack (a hallmark of the band’s sense of humor, still conveyed throughout their performances). With their diverse range of influences, the band branched out to form a unique, genre-defying and addictive combination of rock, jazz, punk, funk, and other styles of music.

In 2006, the band was joined by Steve Augustus. Steve's creative use of his voice as a true instrument, combined with his poetic sensibility, great sense of harmony and notable stage presence.

Until recently, the band has practiced and recorded music on their own, and has not done many public performances. Several experimental videos and recordings have been released on the Internet to a positive and curious response. In the last year, the band has decided to take things on the road and has rearranged the music into a high-energy, yet solid performance for public consumption.

Pornfunk (having only recently taken their music on the road) has performed several times at Ashley’s Bar and Grill, in Randolph, VT. The music was well received, but their style and sensibility is ripe for a strong debut at bars and clubs in the Burlington and Montpelier areas.


Steve Augustus (Vocals)

Jon Wish (Guitar, Vocals)

Scott McGrath (Bass, Vocals)

Bill McGrath (Drums, Vocals)

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